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If you are in Delhi and you often look for places which hosts good sufi nights, there is a good news for you.

An urge to go out and enjoy a few drinks with good music landed us to Unplugged Courtyard one fine day, and it was sweet surprise knowing that the place had a duo performing and what a night it was.

Pooja and Pranay they call themselves. The night was full of old school songs sang to perfection by the duo! Their acoustic version of “Aate Jaate” was our favorite.


Audio Cassette, as she is otherwise called is all things happy and her music makes us happy too. Her music still lingers on my soul and undoubtedly her gigs are one of the best live music gigs we have ever attended.

We have been trying not to miss her gigs from the first time we gave her a listen. Love your voice and what you do with music, Pooja!

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