Ironical, but not ironical

/Ironical, but not ironical

Ironical, but not ironical

My brains have been pondering around many events that were observed in the recent past. There was an ironical situation in each of the events. I wanted to pen down a few and refer to the dual aspects of each of these incidents.

To begin with I want to mention about the tremendous victories of Indians in Rio Olympics. The winners were awarded and honoured by great personalities and those not winning any medals but showing an incredible performance in the International platform were not recognized much. There were so many problems like Poor conditions of the training courts, lack of sanitation facilities for Paralympics’ players, insufficient funding required for playing equipment, unawareness of athletes and minimal recognition amongst the people which were neglected previously but after the games the participants for not being able to bag any medal for India were trolled critically. It is easy to comment and make judgments but has the situation ever been checked pragmatically?

Second major event observed was Honourable Prime minister announcing demonetisation and banning old currency notes to scrap Black money. This bold decision of the government was kind of an emergency situation which moved people nationwide. To my surprise, people standing in long queues were having trouble but very less percentage of the mass complained against the new policy. People were in favor of the decision but were unhappy with the implementation. Variety of reactions were observed during these months. Many customers were courteous enough to show patience over the counter and also initiated to treat the bank employees with food during the whole process. But a few gave vent to their fury by making the bank employees hostages, abusing the officials and burning effigies etc. Some people also lost their lives directly or indirectly due to demonetisation. Opposition party was busy throughout in criticizing the change and taking forward negative messages against the prime minister which was in a non-parliamentary order. As a common woman my opinion about the above discussed decision of demonetisation is really impressive which will start showing the impact in long run. Action against retaining unaccounted money and escaping paying taxes was inevitable. But Indians are still able to find ways to fix their inconvenience through clever planned channels.

Third major episode was the demise of honourable chief minister of Tamil Nadu which was like a Tsunami hitting again. Journalists were observed in front of the hospital giving live updates about the chief minister before her death. And uncontrollable mob gathered to pray for their leader. Such an involvement of mass public was beyond any description. People wanted to have at least a glimpse of their beloved iron lady. Unfortunately, she was declared dead due to her ill health. Her funeral and last rites were telecasted on National televisions. Walking on the footsteps of Dr. MGR, former chief minister and a co-actor in films she did an incredible job for people in Tamil Nadu. The immense gathering witnessed on that day for such a legend itself implies about her greatness. Even though she was put behind the bars for being involved in corruption and organising a lavish wedding for her foster son, people didn’t stop loving her for a matter that she truly was a good leader.  After the doomsday when the situation was under control came the controversies regarding her ill-health, misleading news by the hospital, legal heir of her property, and selection of significant party member after a momentous example set by Jayalalithaa. The gloomy death left many inconsolable souls and at the same time several probing unsolved mysteries.

I noticed multiple aspects in all of the above situations. Such big events would keep on happening and would be impacting us in one or the other way. While approaching our lives we should be very well ready for all the possible sides. The repercussions can take any extreme turn. Few things are not under our control. Even if we try our best to make the situation favourable there might be chances of a negative impact. And when we assume something that may turn negative, a bag of positivity will come from somewhere and have a strong impression.


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