Gurgaon: A city of educated labourers

/Gurgaon: A city of educated labourers

Gurgaon: A city of educated labourers

Gurgaon, A city with sky-scraping buildings, lavish eateries and comfortable connectivity portrays a life worth living. Our financial and technology hub, with places like the Kingdom of Dreams, Sultanpur National Park, Camera Museum and Cyber City is a breeding ground for educated labourers living from pay cheque to pay cheque.

The city that hires the ones who are willing to follow set instructions, speak different languages and who keep the rat race going to cater the global market.

To be precise, A  job where you slog your entire week and which eventually makes you feel that your efforts were not good enough.

Is this job worth your Income, Self-doubt you face, Sleep Deprivation or Anxiety? Only Self-realisation can answer this question and if the answer is NO, then start working on it.

Do what you love, there are many people making compromises daily with their life for money, family and what not. Don’t be one of them. There will never be a better time than right now. Start paving your way, start making a move, with every passing day, you are moving farther away from your dream.

Think Think Think, are you actually doing what you love? Can you do anything better by spending this time on yourself?

Answer these questions before it’s too late.

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