Living on your own ain’t easy and one of the toughest parts of staying on your own is making sure that the food intake you do it homely and healthy. With a crazy lifestyle and very little time to cook for myself, I am always on a lookout for easy to make recipes. One such dish, I made was Yogurt Granola Jar. And it has been my favorite go-to breakfast recipe when I am always in a rush and a healthy meal is what you want for grabs.


Make time: 10 minutes

Ingredients Required : 

Granola (If you can make it at home, great or else, Outsource)

Mixed Dried Seeds

Fruits of your choice

Plain Yoghurt.


Instructions : 

Cut the fruit of your choice and place aside

I prefer Kiwis, Pomegranate. One can also choose plums, Dragon Fruit and Mangoes

Measure 5 tsp of Granola and Seed mix and keep aside

Keep aside 100grms of Greek Yogurt. Make sure it is not watery.

I usually prefer Epigamia owing to the perfect consistency

In a mason jar, layer the fruits and top it with Yogurt. Repeat the step 2 times.

Top it with mixed seeds. One can even use Honey to give it a sweet balance.

Ta-Da! The breakfast Jar is ready!


FAQs :

How long can it last and remain fresh?

Since the breakfast jar has fruits, we suggest you consume it on the spot. It can be refrigerated and consumed in the next 4-5 hours.

Can one use flavored yogurt? And which brand?

Yes, Be free to use flavored yogurt, but make sure that the flavor of yogurt blends with the fruits. Do not use combinations like Banana Yoghurt and Kiwi.

The best we recommend is Epigamia

Can we use packed Granola? 

Of course, we recommend packed Granola as they have the perfect blend. The best brands: Brown Salt Bakery, Nourish Organics


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