The Best Cheesy Burgers In Gurgaon!

/The Best Cheesy Burgers In Gurgaon!

The Best Cheesy Burgers In Gurgaon!

Perfect Burger, a fantasy, with toasted buns, a small layer of mayonnaise at the bottom, green veggies just above that, nicely seasoned, thick patty and oozing cheese in the middle and caramelized onions & pickle on top.❤

Preparation of a burger is no easy task, each and every detail needs to be taken care of, buns used should be toasted to save it from being soggy, soggy bun just kills the taste. Ever hated a soggy burger? (‘always’ is the correct answer).  These should be battered with mayonnaise inside both the base & the top. Seasoned patty is the essence of any flavorsome burger. The patty should be tender, soft, juicy and crispy throughout, be it inside or outside. Last step, butter on top and melting cheese is just like a cherry on the cake and should be used always.

Being a burger lover and a food critic, I consider this as my duty to find out at least 5 places in Gurgaon which can fulfill these checkpoints and deliver a burger as fresh and as delectable as straight from Chef Ramsay’s kitchen. Try these outlets and trust me these burgers will keep you wanting for more.


Their slow cooked patty is made with spicy, small chunks of marinated peri peri chicken and is oozing with cheese. It is indeed a treat to our taste buds. It is one fine burger to pamper oneself. (Peri-Peri Chicken burger)
Their special cheesy patty met with Indian mayo is a delight for any cheese lover, love the way cheese drips out of this beauty with every single bite❤ Made in heaven is the right description for this burger. (Four Cheese Burger)


Patty made with cottage cheese, sliced green, black olives and pizza sauce, centered with mozzarella and more cheese on top with lots and lots of veggies. How does it sound? Yummy right, tastes even better. The punch of olives will keep one wanting for more. (Olive Festival burger)


Nicely toasted seeded buns with richly caramelized onions and veggies. Crispy and Juicy chicken patty with oozing cheese. Just gives me jitters as and when I think about this burger.  This loaded, delicious, gloopy chicken burger is not to be missed  (Pollo-is-Hot burger)


Their crispy patty and flavourful assortments made the burgers here tick all boxes for being good. The unique blend of sauces with crispy patty should be their USP , This burger was a blast of flavours and had the perfect amount of everything. (Mexican veg burger) and to top it all, at Carl’s Jr, one can refill their drinks n no of times for free. Isn’t it so cool?


Beautifully seasoned Patty with shredded zucchini, cheese and potato, I love how the flavors blend with each other and eventually this small burger can quench the hunger for any veg burger lover, it is served with sour cream dip which balances the taste and makes it one of the finest burgers (Zucchini Burger)

After trying all these burger outlets, I can easily conclude that along with Patty, oozing/melting cheese is the best companion to any sort of burger and should be used effectively and efficiently 😉

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