Traditional Thalis – Regional food in one plate

/Traditional Thalis – Regional food in one plate

Traditional Thalis – Regional food in one plate

The food lovers in the capital love diversity in their food. Now, you don’t have to worry about going to places to try the authentic regional food because everything you have ever wished for is now in the capital. From Dal BhatiChurma of Rajasthan to the scrumptious LittiChoka of Bihar, now the Delhiwalas can satiate all their regional food cravings here, right in their city.

From the Land of Colours

The land of colors, Rajasthan never fails to impress anyone. The natives make sure that their rich culture and tradition is in sync with their food. Dishes like Dal BhatiChurma, GattekiSabzi, Rajasthani Kadi, Pyaaz Kachori have not only won hearts of people in the state but also worldwide. All these dishes have one thing in common, which is the authentic Rajasthani taste owing to the spices used. Savor a Rajasthani Thali, right here in the capital at Kathputli, A vegetarian-only restaurant where a guest is treated like a king. The colorful interiors and the warmth of the place are sure to take you back to a Rajasthan. Also, do not forget to indulge in the delectable Garlic Chutney.

From the Coastal Land

All lovers of traditional cuisines will be well aware of the exotic flavors that coastal food brings with it. Be it a Seafood lovers delight Prawns and Crabs or the Vegetarians favorite Paneer made the coastal way as Paneer Ghee Roast, Coastal Cuisine is a must indulge in. It is rare that you will find authentic coastal flavors in the capital city, but Sanadige comes for your rescue. Opt for their one of its kind seafood platter or Yetti Platter and you will not be disappointed.

From the Land of Legends

Gujrat, also known as the land of legends is a home to many foodies. Being near the coastline ensures a huge variety of Seafood, however, the influence of Jain culture makes Gujrat a predominantly Vegetarian place. Gujarati food is not only delectable but is also high in nutritional values. Traditionally a Gujarati thali comprises of Roti, GujratiKadhi or Dal, Rice, and Sabzi. The dishes usually have a subtle taste and is made with a slight portion of Sugar or Jaggery. An authentic Gujarati Thali can be experienced here in Delhi at Panchavati Gaurav. They have a daily changing menu which one would like to indulge in for a hearty meal. The place boasts simple interiors. You will be lucky if they have MevaLapsi as their dessert of the day.

From the Land of Buddha

The historically rich land of Bihar is quite famous for the plethora of dishes they make. The dishes are scrumptious, mouth-watering and would surely leave you craving for more. Mostly, Vegetarian, the Bihari food is a mix of Indian and Buddhist culture. An authentic Bihari Thali, also known as the Bhojpuri Thali consists of Vegetable curries, Poori, Pickle, Chutney, and Raita. Apart from the thali, one must not miss the trademark Bihari Dish, LittiChokha. Head to The Potbelly Rooftop Café and we assure you will be having one of the best Bihari Meals in the capital. The café not only serves delectable food but is a delight to the eyes as well.

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