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Living in the capital city, Soi7 must be a name familiar to you. The Thursday nights for ladies with free drinks here are the most talked about, not only by ladies but men too! Ahem!

From the family of Soi7, comes an equally happening party place named Pier 38. The entrance of the place totally justifies the name and lives up well to its meaning.

Upon entering, the place gives a rustic appeal with nicely done shades of brown. One might want to enjoy a few beers sitting at the outdoor area they have.


Serving fine Arabian cuisine, Pier 38 totally won our hearts with their innovative menu and presentation. One would be mad to miss on their Turkish pide, which is a boat-shaped pizza, just like the Turks like it. The scrumptious cheese and the toppings inside the pizza would leave you wanting for me.


For a Lebanese fan, we would totally recommend their Batata Harra which is garlic flavored potato, it promised to be a pretty good chakna with your drink.


Over to the drinks, Pier 38 has one of the finest varieties of cocktails one would like to get high on. The music and the ambiance will for sure help you in the process.

End your night on a sweet note, with their one of a kind Nutella Cigar Roll, which is their in-house specialty. A cigar shaped roll oozing out with Nutella, urm how good that does sound. It tasted better, trust us!


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