How much Ice-Cream is too much Ice-Cream?

/How much Ice-Cream is too much Ice-Cream?

How much Ice-Cream is too much Ice-Cream?

We all love Ice-Creams, who doesn’t? Be it the classic Vanilla or the luscious chocolate. What if I told you Movenpick is here with their Swiss Ice Creams.


Mövenpick is a Swiss brand of ice cream, started in Zurich, originally just sold at a restaurant.  As the restaurant chain expanded, so did their ice cream production, although it remained manufactured only for the restaurants for a while.  Now it is commercially produced. Now Movenpick Ice creams can be found across Europe, Australia and Asia.


We were invited to a blindfold ice cream challenge hosted by the Little Black Book. It was an evening filled with brain freezing ice creams, scrumptious shakes and a lot of fun at their newly opened store at Greater Kailash 2.

The flavors are carefully crafted:  Swiss chocolate, Maple Walnut or Crème brulee.  There’s Lemon-lime sorbet, with flecks of candied lemon peel, and Espresso, which tastes like heavy cream with a jolt of sweet coffee. Our personal favorite was their Carmelita. Smooth and creamy, the ice cream had the perfect blend


Not only Ice Creams, this Mövenpick outlet also have a selection of gourmet teas and coffees. We loved their Affogato menu and their hot chocolate.


They have a variety of Waffles and Pancakes as well. We absolutely had a crush over their “Swiss Chocolate Obsession” waffle. Freshly baked, Belgian waffle served with their signature Swiss chocolate and stracciatella ice cream.


We were here again for their Macaroon Selection within 7 days of our first visit. Do we need to say anything else?



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