Going the Healthie way!

/Going the Healthie way!

Going the Healthie way!

A bowl of freshly cut fruit salad, a jar of sprouts and super healthy juices to accompany. This is definitely NOT my idea of a Sunday brunch. However, last Sunday was different! I chose the Healthie way and I must say that the change was good.

Ordered a gamut of dishes from Healthie. A delivery based joint in Delhi NCR. A bowl of salad and sprouts, a South Indian meal and a glutton free chocolate cake was my pick!

Craving for a hearty South Indian meal, but too scared to put on weight? Opt for their Up South meal which is a blast of flavours. From Beetroot Idli to Ragi Dosa, this must be on you list if you have a soft corner for South Indian food.

The Fruit Salad is a great pick for the hot summer day, with a lemon and honey dressing, this is a great refreshing dish.

There is nothing like a chilled Watermelon Juice on a hot summer day, and if watermelon is not your fruit, opt for their other refreshers. Take our word, they won’t disappoint with the option as well as taste.

Diet and sweet cravings have a love-hate relationship! And if you like us, have a major sweet tooth, opt for their Chocolate Cheesecake in a Jar. Its Glutton Free, healthy and indulgence at its best.

The place offers a great variety for anyone who is looking to lose that inch and who loves indulging in a great meal. Order from here and you sure will thank us later 😀

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