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Someone truly said “there is no joy greater than the joy of eating” and the joy gets added up when the food you are eating is freshly made with the finest ingredients available.

While in South Delhi,  I stumbled upon Fatjar Cafe a few days back! A vast space with spacious seating and great lighting! The menu was one of its kind and I couldn’t stop myself from indulging in.

For me, one of the basic ways I judge a place is by their Cold Coffee and Fatjar scored full marks for that perfectly consistent cold coffee.

A little something about their menu – They have a daily changing menu and another menu of regular dishes. Most of the things in their menu are homemade and homegrown. Freshness is what they believe in.

With the Cold Coffee scoring full marks, I knew that the food is going to be great as well. I ordered a Pesto Pasta and a Vegetarian Pizza.

Both, the Pasta and the Pizza were made from the scratch by Chef Yuvraj and what a commendable job done indeed. No second thoughts, but I have tried the best Pesto Pasta this city serves. The flavor, aroma and the mix of both were perfectly taken care of.

The Pizza was customized as per our liking, it had homegrown sundried tomato, olives, spinach, and cheese of course. What a combination and that dough though!

The meal had to end with something sweet and from the daily specials, I opted for their Sticky Date Pudding. A confession here, I am not at all a big fan of dates, but that sounded the most interesting from the daily specials.

Another confession, I might just start eating dates after that delicious pudding. What a lovely mix of Dates and Bananas made into a pudding.

Fatjar has a mini market as well, where one can buy things like jams, dips, seeds etc. Not to miss it has a great vibe and you ought to visit it to experience it 💕

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