Farzi Cafe Launches 32 New Dishes On Their Menu!

/Farzi Cafe Launches 32 New Dishes On Their Menu!

Farzi Cafe Launches 32 New Dishes On Their Menu!

Scrumptious Art on your plate!

That is how I would like to describe my Farzi Cafe experience.

A new menu and tasting some really great dishes on the table was our agenda of visiting Farzi on our last visit!

Friendly as always we were welcomed in the sweetest way! Not only through Amuche Bruche but also with kind smiles and warm hearts!

Starting with the Raw Papaya Salad, we knew that we are up for a feast! And the next few appetizers to come proved that right! The Gol Gappa platter and the cigar rolls topping the list for the vegetarians whereas Chicken in black sesame is a must try for a non-vegetarian!

Not at all a Biryani fan but the vegetarian biryani here might make me change my mind about the dish. Simply divine! The perfect main course dish for a vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian!

The best part of any meal is the dessert for us! Absolutely loved the newly introduced chocolate based dessert here! It will take you to a wonderland, that’s a promise!

More aesthetically pleasing pictures here.

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