ChocoPizza from Dominos!

/ChocoPizza from Dominos!

ChocoPizza from Dominos!

Dominos has its way of experimenting in the Indian Market. Earlier with Burger Pizza and Veg Subwich and now with Choco Pizza and Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza.

For the love of Chocolate, We recently tried our hands upon their chocolate Pizza and here is what we have to say about it:


Have it ever happened to you that you open a box of chocolate and you are not tempted enough to eat it? Well, The Choco Pizza at Dominos could have been a lot better in terms of presentation.



The Pizza has the goodness of Brownie, Choco Cookie, Cheesecake and Nougatine, so it ought to taste well. With a thin crust, the Choco Pizza is quite a good experiment done by Dominos India.



At a price of INR 199, if I had to choose between a Choco Pizza and a brownie with Ice Cream to kill my dessert cravings, I would for sure choose the latter. That is my verdict on the newly launched #chocopizza by Dominos India

Overall Rating : 3/5

Where : Any Dominos store near you.


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