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Warm smiles and open heart welcomed us as we entered the cafe. The interiors done in whites and browns and natural light sneaking in, we knew we have signed up for a wholesome brunch.

With a table specially set for us, along with pastel table mats and artsy coasters, we couldn’t stop ourselves from indulging in the feast that was awaiting us.

The heat and the distance called for a Rose Lemonade made along with Chia Seeds, it was refreshing and all that a good drink should be.

We started with Polenta-Parmesan Fries served with wholesome dips, it was a great fried start to our meal. Next on the table was very interesting, Quinoa Bhel with Chilled Watermelon, served with Tamarind Sauce, Red Pepper and Apple Chutney. This Gluten Free dish was a perfect combination of dips and spices for a light meal. It was flavourful and delicious, to say the least.

We were happy high with all that food till now! But our hearts want more! Upon Neha’s recommendation, we opted for the Ultimate Med Bowl, which was again Gluten Free but so so good. It had Spiced Wheat Tabbouleh, Spinach and Potato Patties, Jalapeno Hummus and Grilled Aubergine. All mixed together made a great dish.

With almost no spaces in our tummy and a sudden craving for a good coffee, we ordered Cold Coffee and little did we knew that it will be the dreamiest cold coffee we would ever have! With the perfect consistency of all ingredients, we wouldn’t mind heading here for unlimited servings of that coffee.

If you are looking for good light, great food and someplace away from the hustle, Cafe Kothi must definitely be your stop.

Do not forget to binge on the Banoffee Pie before leaving, the taste of Banana’s and Cinnamon along with Toffee Sauce and Whipped Cream will linger on your soul. One of the best ever.


PS : All pictures are clicked by us. Please Do Not use any picture without permission

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  1. Parul July 1, 2018 at 4:53 am - Reply

    Can you also share the address of cafe kothi? The food looks interesting and I want to try out this cafe.

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