From The House Of Massive Restaurants – Bo Tai

/From The House Of Massive Restaurants – Bo Tai

From The House Of Massive Restaurants – Bo Tai

Massive restaurants will never fail to amaze you with the luxury they provide and the innovation they come up with. Bo Tai, the newest member of the massive family will win you over with its gorgeous view, delectable food, and classy cocktails

Overlooking the massive, Qutub Minar, Bo Tai is the place to be when a craving for a luxurious meal.

Serving Thai and Italian, they have a vast menu of scrumptious dishes.

The Jackfruit Bao is the right way to start a meal here. Soft and delicate bao with a perfect Jackfruit filling inside. It is a dish mostly relished by vegetarians.

The next thing on your table must be the dimsums. Love at first sight and bite, the chicken dimsums and the veg dimsums are nothing less than magic on the plate.

The salads here are not the usual, they come inside a tart shaped covering, and are filled with the dressing. I recommend you the minced chicken salad which will make you fall in love with salads.

Taking a moment to appreciate the skills of the bartender, we have one word for the cocktails – Dreamy. Lovely presentation and subtle taste, the bartender has indeed spread magic with his creations.

The three-way mushrooms and the lamb were the highlights for the mains. We loved how the flavors are so varied yet they match each other.

They have two types of desserts, the classic and the thai. Recommend you to try the Mango Cheesecake and the Churros from the classic menu. The custard dessert from the Thai menu is too good to be real.


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